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Parking at Roaring Meg Retail & Leisure

Euro Car Parks limited
A new automated ANPR system capturing the details of each vehicle as they enter and exit the car park is in place at Roaring Meg Retail & Leisure

Maximum stay is 3 hours with a no return time of 2 hours.

On football match days, there will be a reduced period of 90 minutes – applied commencing 2 hours before and expiring 1 hour after kick off. Please refer to this seasons fixtures detailed below and on Stevenage Football club’s website for dates and times of kick-off, Click here to visit Stevenage Football club’s website
Maximum stay periods enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including bank holidays). Any vehicle staying longer than the permitted period will be liable for a parking charge notice of £90. Driver details will be obtained via the DVLA, and a PCN sent in the post. There will be an early payment discount on the PCD reducing it to £50
By using the car park, users enter into a contract to not exceed the free parking limits. A parking charge only becomes payable if the terms and conditions are not adhered to.

Our car park management company operates an audited appeals process and we encourage customers to appeal if they feel there are mitigating circumstances.
Disabled parking bays are available within the park.